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Ningbo Deye Domestic Electrical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary corporation of Ningbo Deye Technology Group Co., Ltd which was founded in 2003 and started with the big industrial dehumidifier.

We started our road to home use dehumidifier market in 2011, based on the past 10 years effort and experience and our passion for dehumidifier, our main product E,F series home dehumidifier were born with newly design, stable performance in 2013. We are very proud of the fact that this two models earn much more praise from customers since launched. We pride ourselves on constantly innovative design and more and more mature and stable technology, to provide answers to the condensation and mould problems that drive customers to look for a solution.

We regard "Good virtues bring more business" as our business idea, we firmly believe that the most important reason why clients choose to do business with us is our sincerity, trustworthiness and high quality products.

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