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Brief History


1990'  Ningbo Deye Technology Group Co., Ltd was established.

1993'  Establish the mold department, and have our own large clamping machine. 

1995'  Establish the subsidiary corporation who major in plastic produce. 


1997'  Start cooperation with Media.

1998'  Establish the heat exchanger department and setup 9 automatic production lines, specialize in all kind of spec heat exchanger for air conditional, refrigeration equipment etc.

2003' Establish the subsidiary corporation with the name of “Ningbo Deye Domestic Electrical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd.” Start our dehumidifier business. 


2007' Establish the subsidiary corporation “Ningbo Deye Inverter technology Co., Ltd.” The same year, moved to newly founded factory in Beilun industry zone.

2015' Change the subsidiary company name “Ningbo Deye Inverter technology Co., Ltd.” to “Ningbo Deye Inverter technology corp.” and successfully listed on the new three board.

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